Finally the Working PS3 emulator

After exhausting research for PlayStation 3 emulator which is not fake or misleading, here is finally the good and stable one.
ePS3e can emulate almost all PS3 games and works pretty fast and steady. Their developers were working for almost four full years to build it. ePS3e was finished in the July 2011 as beta version called emix3. While still it was running good, emix3 binary was crashing often and their parent developers couldn't find bug source or this problem. So the emix3 project was sold to the new emulation team leaded by Enion, ePS3e founder and head leader of the team.

How to download?

The best way to download ePS3e is to go on it's official website: and download from theirs files section.
Before download, you will need to complete a survey first. This may sound annoying, but it's safer to download from theirs website because if you download from other sites you can infect your PC with all kind of viruses and also your "ePS3e" can easily be the fake one. So it's always recommended to download from official website. Follow their support page to help you how to easily complete a survey.

Where to find games?

You can run ps3 games from Blu-rays (CD-DVD-ROMs), go to File > Run and select the game in My Computer.
The second option is you can download games from the internet and run them from theirs ISO image. If they are not downloaded in ISO format, then use programs such as Daemon Tools or Power ISO etc. to mount them.